The Traders Channel

About Us

Martin Tersigni - Co-Founder
founder 1(1)
Nick Sarson — Founder
Akif Farooq - Co-Founder

We are a team of young but experienced traders and entrepreneurs. Our team leaders have now been through three bear markets and two bull markets as we now approach the third bull market of the time of writing this. To put that in perspective that is a total combination of 15+ years of trading and analysing the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets. Not to mention you will also have access to a community of experienced traders who’s combined experience could be upwards of 50 years, of which we have chat channels within our discord server where you can interact and communicate with the leaders and a community full of different levels of experienced traders.

Our passion is to deliver results, now you might be thinking ‘why don’t you just trade on your own and make money if you’re so good at it’. Now this is a common misconception in trading and in actual fact the market grows so fast and adapts so quickly it is vital to be part of a community like this as there is plenty more eyes on up coming trade opportunities or a new launch of projects. This is hard to stay on top of to get the best results in the market so being part of a big team like us will help maximise results and reduce likelihood of any missed projects or trade opportunities as well as taking out the overwhelming feeling of being new to the markets. It really does bring us such fulfilment to see our team winning. In actual fact; this is the sole reason we created the Traders Channel to begin with and what a decision it was. We are growing at an amazing rate and are seeing such progress and understanding coming from our members that join and incredible results too.

If you are looking for a trading service that isn’t full of jargon and technical terms and is straight to the point trading discussions and in depth analysis, then look no further than the Traders Channel. We look forward to meeting you inside our discord server and please feel free to chat to us in the channels; everyone will welcome you with open arms and help out with any questions and guide you along your trading journey.